The Mission

The mission is to create a history of the Patrol Squadron VP56

I built this site in honor of my father Gregory E. Brindisi who served with USN Patrol Squadron VP56 in the late 1950's. I thought it would be interesting to research a period of his life that he spoke about with fond memories and lots of pride for many years.

When I began the research for this site, I found that many of my dad's shipmates were keen to become my friend and share their photos, stories and help in filling in the details of the history of VP56. They wanted to go beyond feelings of nostalgia and not only reconnect with their youthful memories, but help me build a history of the squadron.





Photo: The ramp at NAS Norfolk
Photo by Greg Brindisi

Through the excellent website I was able to find the contact information for many of my dad's friends and other former shipmates of VP56 who may not have known him, but wanted to share their stories. Armed with this group of dedicated people I set out to expand on VP56 itself. The planes, the traditions, the people and the history of these guardians of freedom.

- Nick Brindisi | Website established - 2007.